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Kosher Menu available for private parties.  call for availability

Catering and private parties available. call for detials

Set 7 course Moroccan menu $27/person
(Children under 12- half price)

Seasonal Appetizer - Harrira soup
A tomato broth base with chicken, vegetables, chickpeas,
mildly spiced with pepper and Mediterranean spices.  This soup
is a warming start in the cold winter months.
First Course - Three salads, hummous and baba ganouj
Carrots strongly flavored with garlic, vinegar, and spices contrast
the tender eggplant salad beside them, marinated in mild spices.
The third salad is a medley of crunchy diced cucumbers and
tomatoes with parsley, vinegar and oil.  Served on the side is the
creamiest, richest hummous in Philadelphia (chickpeas,
tahini, garlic and lemon) and smooth, rich baba ganouj (eggplant
pureed with tahini and various Mediterranean spices).  
Served with pita bread for dipping.
Second Course - B’stilla
A traditional Moroccan pastry of flaky phyllo dough dusted
with powdered sugar and cinnamon.  Filled with a delectable
mix of eggs, chicken, and sweet cinnamon spices.
Third Course - Chicken or Rabbit
The chicken at Casablanca is melt-off-the-bone tender, perfect for
 eating with fingers.  Topping it is your choice of lemons and olives,
super-spicy homemade harissa sauce, walnuts, or dried apricots. The
rabbit (an unusual and low-fat alternative to chicken) is cooked in
a mildly spiced tomato sauce topped with sweet dates.
Fourth Course - Beef or chicken shishkebab, or lamb
Juicy chunks of beef or chicken grilled with onions, green peppers,
and tomatoes and brushed with a garlic and olive oil marinade.
Or alternatively, meltingly tender nuggets of juicy lamb topped with
sweet honey and almonds, or fragrant lemon and spicy cumin.
Fifth Course - Cous cous with vegetables
A traditional dish of Morrocco, a medley of carrots, onions, and
other vegetables served on a bed of steamed semolina grains, topped
with bits of chicken, chickpeas, and raisins.
Sixth Course - Basket of fresh fruit
Fresh and uncut fruit- apples, grapes, oranges, plums, and other
 in-season fruit to refresh your palate.
Seventh Course - Baklava and mint tea
The version of these traditional small pastries served at Casablanca
 is a unique, sweet blend of walnuts and honey snuggled in between
tall layers of flaky, crunchy phyllo dough.  The sweet mint tea is
poured from a height to aerate and cool it to perfection.
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